360 Assessment

Thanks to all who responded to the 360 Organizational Assessment. Here is a synopsis of what you told us when asked to comment on the organization as a whole. Some of the comments reflect experiences persons have had at the chapter and/or national levels. Of the 29 persons responding to the survey, two were national board members, 24 were chapter officers or committee chairs, three were ESP members. Approximately 29% of the respondents had served one to two years, 57% served three to four years, and 29% served four or more years on national committees. Approximately 50% of the respondents reported that they had served on one national committee, 12% served on two committees, 25% served on three committees, and 12% served on four committees. Items with less than an 80% response of agree or strongly agree are in bold.

A-O Assessment Result - Della A. Baker, National ESP President

  1. People in this organization share a compelling vision of where the overall organization is going. 73% Agreed or Strongly Agreed; 21% Neutral, 7% Disagreed
  2. The leader of this organization is clear about the group's purpose and priorities. 89% Agreed or Strongly Agreed, 10% Neutral
  3. The activities of the board are congruent with the mission of ESP. 86% Agreed or Strongly Agreed,14% Neutral
  4. Members of this organization are oriented to ESP, including the organization's mission and programs, as well as their roles and responsibilities.73% Agreed or Strongly Agreed, 21% Neutral, 7% Disagreed
  5. The members receive training and information about their responsibilities. 66% Agreed or Strongly Agreed, 28% Neutral, 7% Disagreed
  6. Attendance, participation, and punctuality are addressed. 55% Agreed or Strongly Agreed, 34% Neutral, 10% Disagreed
  7. Calendar with meetings, events, activities and updates are available. 93% Agreed or Strongly Agreed, 7% Neutral
  8. People in this organization willingly share information with others. 93% Agreed or Strongly Agreed, 7% Neutral
  9. Sufficient resources are allocated to ensure that activities can achieve the established goals and objectives. 58% Agreed or Strongly Agreed, 17% Neutral, 24% Disagreed
  10. The strategic plan includes goals, measurable objectives, and timelines. 66% Agreed or Strongly Agreed, 31% Neutral, 1% Disagreed
  11. I feel that I have input into the planning process.45% Agreed or Strongly Agreed, 45% Neutral, 10% Disagreed
  12. The plan is communicated to all group members. 51% Agreed or Strongly Agreed, 41% Neutral, 7% Disagreed
  13. Members understand how their work contributes to the overall organization's success. 48% Agreed or Strongly Agreed, 45% Neutral, 7% Disagreed
  14. Members in this organization are very motivated to do their best. 79% Agreed or Strongly Agreed, 17% Neutral, 3% Disagree
  15. The people in this organization treat me with courtesy and respect, even when they are busy. 93% Agreed or Strongly Agreed, 7% Neutral
  16. ESP provides the necessary support for members of this group. 72% Agreed or Strongly Agreed, 28% Neutral
  17. Purchasing/Financial procedures are clear. 59% Agreed or Strongly Agreed, 41% Neutral
  18. Recognition strategies are developed and implemented. 93% Agreed or Strongly Agreed, 7% Neutral
  19. This group communicates decisions with the members 90% Agreed or Strongly Agreed, 7% Neutral, 3% Disagreed
  20. Accessibility for meetings and activities for diverse groups is available, i.e., differently abled persons handicapped, ethnic, etc. 97% Agreed or Strongly Agreed, 3% Neutral
  21. Every year, the organization evaluates its activities to determine progress toward goal accomplishment. 59% agreed. 38% Neutral, 3% Disagreed
  22. The results of the evaluations are reflected in a revised plan. 45% Agreed or Strongly Agreed, 55% Neutral
  23. What other topics or issues do you feel need to be addressed to improve this organization?
  24. Organized international opportunities
  25. Continued strengthening of chapter leadership, communication to strengthen committee work.
  26. Financial is the hard one - keeping income up to support programs. Membership paying dues to support programs.
  27. Keep up the excellent leadership
  28. More funds for states/districts to apply for grants for professional development. $200 on the state level does not go very far if you want to get a quality speaker for an agent conference.
  29. The awards should go to one person and the awards chairs should get the information sent directly to them instead of sending it by the state presidents at the regional meetings.
  30. Loss of federal funded positions, focus has been on federal staff, we no longer have.
  31. Organizations need to reinvent themselves to meet individuals where they are today. I believe the annual meeting concept at considerable expense is becoming a thing of the past, unless it provides superior professional development opportunities. Too many members never get touched by the annual meeting even at the state level.
  32. Continued marketing efforts- value of membership in the organization. More accessibility to newer extension educators into the organization.
  33. Balancing money requests to pursue new issues with new funds to pay for issue.
  34. It appears that the organization as a whole should do a better job sharing its vision and getting people oriented to their roles and responsibilities. Members want more clarity on financial procedures. There is a great need to address participation in ESP activities. There appears to be some issues with having sufficient resources to achieve set goals. There is an expressed need to make sure that our goals are measurable and that progress toward goals is communicated. People want to feel included in the planning process of ESP programs and want to understand how they contribute to the organization's success. They need to be motivated. They want the organization to revise its plans based on results of evaluation.

The board will include your comments in its discussions and will respond to your concerns in an appropriate format.